Janette's PICTURES OF AUSTRALIAN HISTORY and Timeline Figures

WHAT CAN MY CHILDREN USE FOR AUSTRALIAN HISTORY LESSONS? That was the inspiration and a love of history's true stories, that inspired me to create this homeschooling resource. GO TO: SITE:AustralianHistoryPictures.com INFO BOARD:BOARD EMAIL: janettecassey@bigpond.com ph: 02 62316192.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This answers the question of how to use "Janette's PICTURES of AUSTRALIAN HISTORY" from a recent email with one of my customers, I'VE BROKEN THIS INTO SEVERAL BLOGS TO MAKE READING IT EASIER.
Lisa asked in answer to my previous email: When you say "When we read a book we do the pictures that go with the book and put them into our history books", what do you mean? What exactly do you do with the pictures?

The Pictures are designed to tell the stories of the people, places and happenings of the first 100 years of Australia's recorded history. You can literally photocopy or even enlarge them from page 1 and go! Colouring and reading sheet by sheet, or individually picture by picture.

They are not plain timeline figures with a fact or two and a date but contain rhymes that tell you little stories and give you information. You can either leave it at that or use them as springboards to research more, for instance when Governor Bligh is covered the mutiny on the Bounty is mentioned your dc may wish to find out more about that, this aspect is especially helpful for older children to work on their own. However, if you have younger children you can keep it simple, even choosing pictures you want to cover enlarging them for children to colour or paint and hang on your wall to review later.



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