Janette's PICTURES OF AUSTRALIAN HISTORY and Timeline Figures

WHAT CAN MY CHILDREN USE FOR AUSTRALIAN HISTORY LESSONS? That was the inspiration and a love of history's true stories, that inspired me to create this homeschooling resource. GO TO: SITE:AustralianHistoryPictures.com INFO BOARD:BOARD EMAIL: janettecassey@bigpond.com ph: 02 62316192.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

AT LAST I've worked out how to give you an idea of how a whole page looks but unfortunately, the image comes out unclear and smaller in size if you print it, this is because of the program that has to be used to upload whole pages online. However, there are clearer single images further down this blog. All 35 pages in the package are A4 sized pages and all the images and text are clear.

Remember the special introductory price is $44 including gst till the end of April TO ORDER click on the following link which is my email address: janettecassey@bigpond.com. If you are wondering how to pay; I take cheque, money order, direct credit and paypal.

Dear Big Picture Conference customers, if you are visiting this site could you please contact me on the above email regarding some updates. I would also like to have your email address as I am opening an information and message board about Australian history soon called Janette's Pictures AND Australian History, I already have some homeschoolers interested in joining, and if I have your email address I can invite you to join too. :)




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