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Sunday, April 16, 2006


WELL, THE NEW INFORMATION AND CHAT BOARD IS NOW OPEN FOR ALL TO SHARE!!!! It's called Janette's Pictures AND Australian History, but it's not just about using my pictures it's also about AUSTRALIAN HISTORY in general.

There's a place where you can add PLACES TO VISIT; and a place to put down your IDEAS. There's a place for an AUSTRALIAN HISTORY CHAT where you can meet others interested in Australian history and places to share ways you cover Australian history, the books you use etc. I've added a place for your CHILDREN's WORK too. Under the BOOK IDEAS section there is a MUCH easier to read copy of my children's booklist and I am working on a POETRY list and an ACTIVITIES/ideas and QUESTIONS list that go with the package.

I decided to build the board largely in answer to the interests and questions people shared with me at the Big Picture Conference held in Kurrajong, NSW this year, THANKS everyone! So, now we can all pool our resources so to speak and how wonderful to meet and hear stories from all over our Australia.

And of course there are opportunities to read more information and share more about using the Pictures of Australian History. I have tried to lay the board out to make it easy for you to find what you are wanting to read and/or contribute to.

Please join so that we can meet you and find out more about this Big Country of ours.

AT http://janettecassey.proboards100.com/index.cgi HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

In Jesus' love

Janette Cassey Ingham

NB All the pictures in this blog are drawn after original works held in the various State Libraries and The National Library, Australia.


Anonymous Bec Williams said...

Hi Janette!
I just wanted to pop by and say we have started using your pictures and I just love them. Thanks for putting in the time and having the initiative to see this need. :o) I will be recommending them to everyone for Aust. history!

Im off to join your board now!

love Bec Williams (in SA)

3:04 pm  
Blogger Janette Cassey Ingham said...

Hi Bec

Thanks so much for the feedback, it's really appreciated!

I'm so glad you're enjoying them.



7:00 pm  

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