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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


USE THEM TO GO WITH A BOOK: ...we use them when we are reading good stories. For example when we read John of the Sirius we used the pictures for the First Fleet, Captain Arthur Phillip, convicts, even James Ruse etc and some Aboriginal pictures, in other words the things that are mentioned in the book. It gives the dc something to do with their hands while you read the story. You or they (depending on reading ability) may read the rhymes to begin with and they begin to colour the character as you read, you can also branch out from there and do the other early pictures/people after you finish the book you are reading. Alternatively you can use them for narration/reinforcement after you read aloud from your book.

USE THEM WHEN VISITING PLACES: You said Rose Hill or Parramatta is what you are reading about now, so the dc could be doing the Parramatta pictures (people and things that happened there) and seeing what it USED to look like before (perhaps) you visit. (Lisa is planning a trip atm) You could also do the Hawkesbury people and places in the pictures etc before or after your visit. The indexes should help you find things too, the chronological and contents index at the rear of the set gives more detail on that score.

HOW WE USE THEM: We use them when we are reading a book and when we visit places (it helps to keep lessons alive IMO) also with Aussie poetry or to give my older daughter someone to research. (See my website and board for more on this at http://janettecassey.proboards100.com information will continue to be added there)

My dc set their cut and coloured pictures out on some coloured A4 paper with their own additions i.e. small narrations/notes/own pictures/drawings/calligraphy and put them into a plastic sleeved A4 folder for Aussie history but if you didn't want them to do all that you could just have them colour the photocopied pages/individual pictures onto A4 and put that in a folder or paste it (even enlarged) up as a part of your timeline (I did this for a recent expo it looked great).

As they colour they are actually becoming familiar with the people's faces and even historical works of art and can look for them them when you visit. You could also take the set to read and project books or journals with you on holidays if you are visiting historical places and they may enjoy colouring in at night when they need something to keep them busy, depending on how old they, are my dc loved this when they were younger.


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