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Friday, August 11, 2006



I just want to show mums and dads here at my blog that the pictures have enough information for you to use for Australian history studies with your children. Each picture has a rhyme that tells a succinct story so you have the information and the activity already for you. Read on to see a STEP BY STEP PLAN........

Choose the Picture/s or Pages Photocopy and GO!
The dc and I shared some Aussie history lessons together today.


I had the pages we were using photocopied and all ready to go and;
coloured pencils,
double sided tape,
coloured pens all on the table ready for use.

Read Aloud the Rhymes

We started by reading aloud two of the rhymes it was great for read aloud practice for dd (12) some of the rhymes have harder vocabulary and ds (who struggles with reading) will read the easier rhymes (he did pretty well today though). Any new vocabulary can be learned/looked up as you go if you wish.

Children Retell in their Own Words

After the rhymes were well read I asked the dc to tell me something about what or who's in the picture, the rhymes tell the story or give pieces of information about what is in each picture and so a child will be able to come up with a narration that is worded differently whilst at the same time being true to the rhyme.

Discuss What Else they See

The dc love this part, kind of like a search puzzle, they take turns finding the other things in the picture and take turns saying/reading what they were (ds loves this) using the little additional notes, we go through each one and find out more.

Reports and Research Projects

If you wanted to expand the lesson further or the dc were interested in something in particular from the picture, rhymes or notes you could assign additional research to be reported on for next time. In fact there are pictures geared for older children such as those about what happened to the Aborigines in Tasmania or Immigration or the Colonies or Progress of Government or events like the Rum Rebellion.

Colour and Optional Reading of Additional Information/Stories

We opened our Australian history journals and the dc then began colouring.

Now, I have some Australian history books I've collected the odd one or two and here I may read additional relevant information or a short story or poetry while they colour, cut and set out the latest page of their journal. There is no need to do this though I sometimes just leave the dc to work on their own on their page now which takes time, sometimes it can be easy to overdo the information and give dc overload. Also it can be hard to get the page finished IYKWIM.

Library books may help if you wish to add information sometimes, I like George Finkel's series in the (Australian history section) see also the children's booklist on this and other boards in INTERNET LINKS and someone mentioned Jackie French's latest books which are clearly set out and so lend themselves to reading snippets IYKWIM not very poignant though. Usually library books like this are organised in themes so you can choose the book based on themes you are up to in the set. Eg First Fleet, Aborigines, Convicts/Penal settlements, Government, Settlement, Exploration, Gold & Minerals, Bushrangers etc.

Add to Their Australian History Journal

The dc can continue to add to their journal in many ways. For example; their own small sketches, Australian art resources can be helpful here, www.PictureAustralia.org has a great search engine for this, (using the Artists names from my pictures' Library Reference lists is a great idea to narrow down the field). They can add their own notes, narrations, words or observations, calligraphy or whatever they like by way of decoration.

Turn Janette's Pictures Into a Book

The pictures have a great deal of information so, you can place the pages into a plastic sleeved folder to turn them into a book with the indexes and How To Use pages at the rear and this helps if you are wanting to choose what to do or find relevant material to places in Australia such as the state in which you live. It also helps if you want to say just cover a particular topic like gold for instance.

More to come.... and THANKS FOR READING!!!


Janette Cassey Ingham

PS I am writing some narratives/lesson plans/stories to go with the pictures but these things take time, there are already lesson plans including poetry ideas on this board and at my website below.

I have to say, I love using poetry to learn AH as you will see at the board and in my pictures it's quite amazing what atmosphere you can create with that powerful medium.

PSS Those who have already bought the pictures may like to print this off for a kind of very flexible guide to follow.


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